Sunday, October 21, 2018

Vampire Photo Shoot

Just a few short weeks till Halloween, 2018 and my friends at "Reno Camera Club" had a photo shoot with a wonderful model named Natalie Irene Munster Crab. (no kidding, that is her real name and she is cool enough to pull it off)

We started at 9:00am at the Oxbow Nature Park in Reno NV and didn't finish till 1:00 in the afternoon.  I could have taken photos all day long but 487 releases of the shutter later and I have 11 favorites that I processed and have for you to see below. The truth is that I have 48 favorites but had to narrow it down so I don't bore you.

I've named the photos which I thought was a fun change. You will notice that the model gathers more and more blood as the morning progressed.  What was funny was when her right bicuspid started falling out. There we were, all chewing gum and hoping that the gum she used would hold the tooth in.

I also have some blooper shots that I may add in another blog of teeth falling off and wigs getting flown in the air as we went for the "hair in the wind" effect.

The truth is that I do so much Macro and Nature photography that I had no interest in this photo shoot and nearly backed out from going. I was totally out of my element and 5 minutes into itm, Mike Smith, the dapper british gent who organizes the photo club had me taking dream photography and making me feel like a pro.

More than once I took a photo, looked at the preview on screen and danced around like an excited school girl.  I learned what "rear flash" is and how to use my flash as my aperture. I was hypnotized by the model whose every movement I wanted to capture.

When I sat down to the computer, it was daunting to find a few handfuls of photos that I would use to process, I wanted to do them all but I doubted that anyone would have any interest in that besides me.

Enjoy these photos and I hope they give you nightmares!

Moon Worship

Satisfied Hunger

Desire for More
 Experimenting with hair flipping for the first time ever had some great results. I did a serious happy dance when I saw this on my screen.

Under Cover of Night

I didn't even ask for Natalie to come at me through these weeds and I'm so glad I had my camera ready when she reached for me. The effect was chilling.

Sinister Intentions
This one might be my favorite since I used three flashes, one from the front, Judith holding one near her face on the model's right and then Mike was backlighting the models hair. I love this effect.

The First Morning Light

The Light of Day
I'm very excited about this one since I created the sunlight in post processing.  It was my first attempt and I loved the result.


The Bride Wore White

Into the Eyes of Evil
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