Sunday, March 31, 2013

Whisper in the Wind

This is my church and God is with me. I know this because I hear Him whisper in the wind and he is saying, "I love you"

Friday, March 29, 2013

Are We Practicing the Virtues We Post?

In these days of internet surfing and social media, there are fewer and fewer people having original thoughts. They endlessly repost from these dandy little apps and websites on their phones or computers and they know that what they are reposting is admirable and virtuous but are we practicing the virtues we post?

It’s as if to say, “I would have said this if I’d have thought of it first.”

Are you the person you know yourself to be or are you under the illusion that you are the person saying the quotes?

I know that there are good, kind people of integrity out there but I don’t think they are reposting quotes with rainbow pictures in the background. I must say though that I enjoy the reposts of Johnny Depp quotes, not just for the sayings but also for the picture that accompanies them. (sideways winky face) 

What an unlikely source for quotable comments, don’t you think?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many Johnny Depp quotes? Who would have known that he would have so many interesting things to say? The mere fact that he has all these original thoughts proves to me that he spends very little time reposting cute pictures of a kitten hanging from a branch saying “Hang in there baby”.

This is a man who spends time with his own thoughts; a man who, probably because of the trials and tribulations of his own life, has come to understand himself and the world around him. We should all hope to find ourselves with this kind of wisdom.

I challenge you to unplug from social media and the 700 friends you think you have. Social media is not giving you something to do it is taking you away from something to do. Look around you, you have your face glued to a computer or phone screen and even if there are people around you, you are disconnected from them.

Disconnect to reconnect.