Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bows and Headbands

My darling friend Emily gave birth to a beautiful daughter last fall and since I'm going to be the grandmother of a granddaughter in May, we decided we'd better put on our crafting hats and learn to make bows.

I don't know any bow making terms because I'm just winging it on the construction of these things but I can tell you how to make the "corkers" that are the curly cues in the center.

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Wrap any grosgrain ribbon around a 1/4" dowel (I use a 1/4" wide ribbon) and bake for 30 minutes. I secured the ends of the ribbon to the dowel with wooden clothes pins. I can show that in another blog if anyone requests it.

My First Bow/Headband Creations

This is the first bow I made. It's not perfect for two reasons:

1. It's my first bow

2. It's a "Husker" bow (Please forgive me, I live in Nebraska now)

Husker Bow
This is the second bow I made. I actually couldn't wait to make this bow just because I love these colors together.
My first "official" order came in for one of these bows and I was ecstatic to fill it.... ok, ok, so it was Emily that wanted one but I was honored and excited so I just gave her this one and it was SOOOO worth it. 

This is Avery in the bow...perfection!

Avery's 3 month pictures...delicious!

Then, I decided to attach some silk daisies to a white headband because I saw a similar headband and just loved it.
 Because I was afraid the stems would poke the baby in the head and be uncomfortable, I disassembled the flowers, cut back the stems and pokey things and reassembled them with fabric glue. Then I just tacked them to the headband using small invisible stitches with needle and thread.
This all white one was cute but since my favorite color is green, I decided to attach a slightly "softer" looking flower to a green headband and loved the result.
In fact, I was so pleased with the result that I made another one for little Avery...doesn't she look pleased too?
She's thinking, "Thanks for the headband Auntie Liz"
If you are going to make a handful of sweet headbands, you need a way to store them so, on the suggestion of Emily, I took an empty oats container and covered it in wrapping paper and voila! A headband holder!!!!
Hope you enjoyed!
Gotta go, we are going to spend the afternoon making headbands and bows!!!

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